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Fire Rated / Flame retardant Wood & Carpet Protection

Fires occurring in commercial and residential buildings are one of the main concerns when designing and constructing a building that is meant to be safe. The chosen construction materials will have a fundamental impact on a building’s susceptibility to fire, as well as on the fire protection requirements that the building will have to meet. Wood and fabrics are combustible materials, being a natural support for flames. One of the main goals of building and fire codes is to limit the spread of fire and protect nearby buildings if a fire occurs. For example, buildings that are in close proximity of each other must ensure that wood panel structures, if they exist, are protected by a fire-retardant system that is approved within the jurisdiction where the building is located.

  • Can be applied on any wood, upholstery and carpet substrates to make it flame retardant.
  • Interior Panels & Fabrics protection.
  • UAE Civil Defense approved.
  • Easier application & cost effective solution