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The majority of deaths in a fire scenario are caused not by flame burns, but by the inhalation of hot smoke and toxic gases. As a fire develops, smoke can quickly fill the building creating a chaotic situation where people are incapacitated and unable to access exit points. Fire curtains are barriers replacing fire doors and fire partitions and provide a safe escape for up to 4 hours to the occupants of a building in event of an fire. Smoke Curtains are used to control the movement of smoke through a building in the event of a fire. They can either channel smoke to smoke extraction points or create reservoirs to slow its spread.  They remain virtually invisible when the curtain is stored in its retracted position within the compact headbox. When signaled by a local detector device or a fire alarm signal, they descend to the operational level above the floor.

  • New Installation of Standard Fire & Smoke Curtains for virtually unlimited sizes for various facility requirements
  • Annual Maintenance (AMC) of Fire & Smoke Curtains 
  • Civil Defense approved system