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We are dedicated to provide world class solutions to our customers to fulfill their diverse needs through a team of experienced and qualified professionals who are well experienced for what they do.Our commitment to the customer is of prime importance to us in building enduring relationships with them.


Trust is the foundation of our Business.


At Passifire, we share a common vision. We believe we can help the construction world to transform the way we design and build, while protecting people, society and the planet.


We believe that trust, integrity and humility are the cornerstones for the success of our business in dealing with our internal and external environment. We believe in ‘being inclusive’ with our society and environment and are also focused on having an inclusive approach to any customer needs or problems and considering that as our own and delivering the best practical solutions possible. We recognize that the respect we have for our people and the freedom we give, transforms them into being responsible and accountable for their actions. We strive to provide an environment of job security and accessibility by being sensitive to the needs of each other.

  • We are solution driven.
  • We listen to understand.
  • We role model the behavior we expect.
  • We have agenda and result oriented meetings.
  • We take ownership on timely communication.
  • We empower our people.
  • We encourage creativity.
  • We seek to enhance happiness.