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Construction development nowadays is supported by the newest inventions in building materials. A more lightweight, sustainable and easier installation material are being considered. Especially for high rise apartments, Hotels or offices, the weight of the drywall and noise reduction becomes an important criterion that must be considered by the building owner and architects, in order to construct a more lightweight construction and quieter interior. Also due to recent innovations in manufacturing, the cost of Calcium silicate boards and Fiber Cement boards are widely considered in lieu of the traditional methods of construction.

Calcium Silicate Boards

Calcium silicate board is an asbestos-free thermal insulation product that can withstand continuous high operating temperatures. It is a light weight, low thermal conductive, high strength, easy to install, reliable and durable product. Industrial grade piping and equipment insulation is often fabricated from calcium silicate. It is a white free-flowing powder obtained by reacting calcium oxide and silica. It has a low bulk density and high physical water absorption.

Fibre Cement Boards

The characteristics of fibre cement make it ideally suited as exterior wall cladding material and as an interior building material as a tiling backer board or floor tiling base. As a building material, interior fibre cement tile backer board products are especially suited as a tiling base for tiling wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and showers areas as it is resistant to permanent water damage and does not need to be treated before tiling. Because it is water resistant, fibre cement tile backer board is used as an alternative to Plywood and Plasterboard tiling base.  Installation of fibre cement backer board is easy and can be installed directly onto a stud wall or onto a wooden or timber floor.

Fibre cement as an exterior cladding material is used as an alternative to wood cladding or any traditional methods, since it is very durable and low maintenance, compared to other cladding materials. Fibre cement cladding is very durable because it is water resistant and does not rot, warp or crack. In addition, fibre cement cladding is a fire resistant building material and will not ignite when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat: it is a non-combustible material. Fibre cement cladding is easy to work with and to install.